Guitar Rig 5 Presets Missing

Guitar Rig is loved by guitarists in the world. However, sometimes it gives users problems when it comes to its missing presets after installation. I have experienced the same problem and have browsed for solutions. None of the solutions were successful. There are many posts about it like: My Guitar Rig 5 Browser does not contain any presets, Guitar Rig 4 Presets missing after installing update, where are my guitar rig presets and soon. In the forums, there are many people talking on how to solve it and many solutions have been offered. Some work, some other big parts didn’t work at all. So, I decided to solve it manually. Here is:

Guitar Rig 5 Presets Missing

How to solve the Missing Guitar Rig Presets Manually.

Guitar Rig Presets missing for Windows Users (Solved!):

1. Download Preset Guitar Rig 5 (deleted by the server, please browse on internet first)

2. Extract the zip file. Copy all the presets file of guitar rig 5 in the folder “Guitar Rig 5 default”. (open the folder and copy the content, not the folder!)

3. Then, paste the copied presets file of guitar rig 5 in the directory of guitar rig 5 presets: “C:Program FilesCommon FilesNative InstrumentsGuitar Rig 5Sounds” Paste all the files in folder “sounds”.

4. then , open guitar rig 5, find tab Options, find Scan for new presets, and then click Scan. Guitar Rig  5 will then load all the presets in the folder sounds.

5. Setelah selesai diScan, bukalah tab browser, anda akan melihat semua presets guitar rig 5 telah diload dan siap anda gunakan :D yahoo!!

5. After scanned, open tab Browser, and you will see all the presets of guitar Rig 5 have been loaded and are ready to use. 😀 yahoo!!

 Guitar Rig Presets missing for Mac Users (Solved!):

For Mac users, here are what to do with the missing guitar rig presets:

1. DO the same steps as in windows (step 1 and 2) Download Preset Guitar Rig 5

2. Paste all the guitar rig 5 presets in “Macintosh HD(the name of your drive)/Users/your users name/Documents/Native Instruments/Guitar Rig 5/sounds/ . Paste all presets in folder Sounds.

4. Do the same steps as in windows (step 4 and 5).

5. Happy Rocking!! :D

Hope this will be useful!

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